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Diagnosed, removed, waiting on biopsy report

8 years 6 days ago #43344 by warrentug
Kathy and Toby, I had the same symptoms you are having...for me it lasted three weeks the last time. After I passed some large blood clots it cleared up in a day. On the BCG, for the first couple days I use a pad(for men) because the urge can be sudden, for me it is more like every 10 minutes for the first day and then less until day three and then things are back to normal. The anti-spasm meds really help if I start them right away before the bladder starts doing the "few drops and then the clamp down" thing. It does make me have dry mouth but it is worth it to not have the spasms so bad. Good luck, Warren.

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8 years 6 days ago #43342 by DougG
Kathy & Toby,

Sometimes the blood and irritation does go on longer after a TURB. Sara Anne is right -- your doctor is doing the right thing to wait until you are healed a little more before beginning the BCG. Try to take a deep breath and relax. It is hard not to focus on the cancer at this point. Hope Toby's bladder heals soon and calms down.


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8 years 1 week ago - 8 years 1 week ago #43341 by CatherineH
Hello Toby & Kathy...

A second opinion is nearly always a good thing to do. It is not being disloyal to your doctor, and any good doctor should encourage you to do so. I don't see it as questioning her, but confirming that you are on the right track for your particular situation.

I see you live in Virginia. I do also... Bristol. After my path report came back with an unusual type of tumor, my local uro sent me to Vanderbilt in Nashville. I still go back there even though it's a 300 mile drive for all my followups. They have a wonderful Urology department and staff.

My dogs make the trip with me because they aren't used to anyone else taking care of them. My male Lhasa, Simba, is 14, and his half-sister, Kiko, is 10. My sisters go along to doggie sit at the hotel while I go to the hospital for my appointments. I had a little Shih Tzu several years ago who lived to the ripe old age of 18.

If you click on my forum picture in this post (or any other) to go to my About Me page, then under my picture is a tab called "Profile Gallery". Click there if you want to see photos of my "babies".

Best wishes... Catherine
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8 years 1 week ago #43340 by sara.anne
Blood in the urine indicates, at the least, irritation in the bladder. They are not going to do the BCG if there is ANY blood in the urine or infection present. To do so would risk getting the BCG into your blood system and you do NOT want that.

Sara Anne

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8 years 1 week ago #43339 by shihtzudaddy
been away for a week. moods are good and bad. trying to make life 'normally' for both of us but it's good for a few hours, a day maybe, but back to what is in front of us. Has been having off and on blood over the past 2 weeks since 2nd TURB.

Doc said they won't do the BCG if I have blood in urine - postpone as needed. When does it stop - not just the blood but is it normal to wait see, wait see?

Should I get a 2nd opinion at this point? My doc is very good, great reviews, very caring and sincere. No doubt in her but when do you question it? This is early compared to many.....I guess you need to see my last diagnosis but - WE need help to cope at this point - early I'm sure BUT....it's us this time
kathy & toby

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8 years 2 weeks ago #43240 by GKLINE
Oh Yes! This is very normal indeed! And right now, this is the sole focus of your life!
It will be the funny story between the 2 of you!

If any subject keeps turning up as a constant...... it is PEEing(either doing it tooo much or not doing it enough!)

Now that we are 4 years out..... my wife feels it is OK to tell stories about the MAD DASH to the bathroom on road trips. Her favorite is when I was in a race at Watkins Glen and instead of going to victory lane...... I stopped in front of the Restroom to "Take Care" of business! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

As a nurse told us as we left the hospital..... "It's just filtered water"

All of this will become a memory for both of you. Considering you have gotten such a good report about cancer This will all become so much a familiy laugh as time goes on.


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