Diagnosed, removed, waiting on biopsy report

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Diagnosed, removed, waiting on biopsy report was created by shihtzudaddy
I am 55 and had 2 episodes of blood when urinating. I saw my doctor that day, untrasound the next. The 2nd day I was notified they found lesions in my bladder and I was referred to a urologist. That only took one week thanks to a persistant wife and helpful scheduler at the urologists office.

Scope was performed and she saw a 'cauliflower' type growth in the inside of the bladder. She said it was white and about 1/2 inch and felt it was only on the inside wall of the bladder. 2 weeks later I had the surgery to remove it - that was last Monday, July 16. She removed it and found 2 others starting which she burned and added the liquid chemo for 1 hr then drained it. We now wait for the biopsy report for our Aug 1 appointment.

I don't know what to think or feel at this point. I'm glad the monster is out of my body. She felt, after surgery, that it was only on the side and had not spread. She put dye in the kidneys during surgery and they are healthy.

What is likely to come from the biopsy and what will those answers mean? New to this, since it happened so quickly and reading the internet isn't the best choice most of the time.

If the cancer is non-aggressive and she was able to get it all (clean borders of the biopsy) what will likely happen as for treatment other than 3 month check ups for the next year?

If the cancer is aggressive but she got all of it, what is likely to happen?

With so many different situations that people here pose it is had to wrap my head around anything expect 'what is likely to happen with me'.


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