Newly Diagnosed

Newly Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer

Take a big breath. If you are like most people that are newly diagnosed, panic and fear are at least part of what you are experiencing. You may be asking yourself "What is my prognosis? How will this affect my life?". This site was built for and by bladder cancer survivors and the people that care about them. No matter what path your bladder cancer journey takes, know that there are others here that will share the journey with you.

And to add even more complexity to this emotional storm is the fact that you have to learn enough about your diagnosis to make informed decisions. While knowledge is power, it needs to be the right information that fits your situation and is reliable. No matter your approach to learning while using the internet, please keep in mind the following:


  • A bladder cancer diagnosis can mean many things and is as individual as you are.
  • While called one disease, it has many subcategories and types.
  • Bladder cancer is different in many ways from other, better-known types of cancer. The bladder is a “confined” organ and as long as the cancer is confined to the bladder traditional forms of therapy, such as systemic chemotherapy, are not very effective against it so it takes a different approach. There are many effective treatments available, depending on your exact diagnosis.
  • Doing blanket research before you understand your personal diagnosis may not only leave you with information overload but could cause unneeded worry.
  • Start with the basics and once you have your exact diagnosis use that to give direction to your research.
  • If you have questions please post them on our forum. You are not alone.