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Waiting for my first cystology

11 years 11 months ago #16225 by crptclrwomn
Also, I am in central Illinois. Does anyone know what I am feeling right now? How did you deal with this. Thanks Patty

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11 years 11 months ago #16224 by crptclrwomn
Dearest Patricia, that is my name too although I am called Patty. You must be a great person as all people with that name are wonderful lol. I know you are right but I was in the hospital in 2005 not 06. I was not aware of anything going wrong until I confided in my younger brother who is married to an RN. He said, go to the urologist now, do not wait any longer. I did but they are not too concerned. I am though. I am also scared somewhat but I know I have to wait until I find out something. Waiting is the most difficult. I think they should do this the opposite way that they do it. I think they should assume anytime there is blood in the urine it is cancerous. Then they can rule that out if they do not find anything. Not always a bladder infection just to get me on my way. Now that I am a lot more informed, I get upset. But until I know something, I will try to keep busy. Thanks for helping me. Patty

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11 years 11 months ago #16223 by Patricia
Whats the matter with these people.......!! They should have taken a CT scan while in the hospital in 2006 ....You should have had a cystoscopy 2 yrs ago in out another competent urologist and competent internist. If you need help finding one let me know what part of the country you are in and i'll try to help...........Pat

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11 years 11 months ago #16222 by crptclrwomn
Hi, A little detail about my situation. First of all I am 52 years old and female.
January 2005 went into the hospital with blood in urine, there was clotting and elimination was painful. They assumed it was an infection initially then because of the pain thought it was a stone. After testing, (which was the x ray with the contrast dye) they decided the stone had passed although there was never any evidence of a stone. The urologist came in and asked simply "why are you in here now" My response was simply that the gp put me in here to find out why there was blood in my urine. I really do not think he took this seriously although he did tell me that when I got home to make an appointment with his office and he would do a cystology. I did not do that because I had no bleedig and thought I was ok.
February 2006, another episode of blood with clotting and again trip to the gp, he gave me antibiotics again and the blood went away and the follow up appointment came up clear. No problems.
2 more trips to the doctor (gp) 2006 and 2007. I was having pain upon urinating and thinking it was an infection. Tests showed no evidence of infection, so he treated me for a yeast infection both times. Seemed to get better, but continue to have back pain that is so bad that I cannot move.
February 2008, Got a fever with back pain and for me that seems to be the norm, the fever comes and goes and I went to gp to find out if I had that dreaded flu, got antibiotics and anti viral medication. One week later, got the blood in urine again and this time it was with lots of clotting and it was very painful. Once again my gp said, bladder infection. Antibiotics. Finally I decided it was time to see uro. Made an appointment and talked to his pa. He suggested an xray with contrast dye. The nurse told me they found nothing. A small cyst on my kidney which was not a concern she said.
Now after another four weeks, I will have this next test. I have a terrible backache, It is in my lower back. I have had it off and on for years but this time it is not helping. I cannot take anything except for tylenol.
It will be in 6 more days. I hope it shows what is wrong. Can you help me? Tell me what to expect and how long before I know anything. Thanks for all you do.

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