Noninvasive Grade 3?

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Thank you both for your replies. It is reassuring to learn that this is not an uncommon diagnosis. I had been concerned that the G3 status for the tumor contradicted its noninvasive status, and that this may have suggested that perhaps my doctor had neglected to take sufficient biopsy material, leading to an otherwise unnecessary 2nd procedure. However, that's not the feedback I'm getting from you or from the navy urologist I consulted by phone (I'm a retired Marine, and still have access to military health care, even though I now live in Istanbul). Everyone says my doctor is right on track. I haven't really had any personal reason to doubt that based on my interactions with him - he is personable, clearly professional, and communicates willingly and well - but as you all undoubtedly have felt yourselves, it's nice to get confirmation.

The second transurethral procedure will be on the 12th. We'll see what the pathology report says.

In the meanwhile, allow me to offer my best wishes and hopes for all those who post and visit this site. Your participation and presence is of incalculable comfort to everyone.


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Stage Ta, Grade III is not such an uncommon diagnosis. It is a dangerous sort of tumor because of the high grade, but BCG could halt any progression--at least for a while.

It's becoming more and more common to do a second TUR after the dx of a high grade tumor, whatever the stage. If there's no evidence of tumor during the second resection that would be very good, but most times there is residual tumor found. It's good to get it all before starting with immunotherapy, known as 'reducing the tumor load'. If there's still evidence of tumor after the immunotherapy treatments finish, most doctors recommend bladder removal for the best chance of long term survival.

Your doctor is on the ball, sounds like he's giving you good care.

All the best with your follow ups.

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Sounds like a typical TaG3 bladder tumor to me. Sounds like your doctor is being extra precautious and confirming your diagnosis by performing a re-turb. Sounds to me like you have a pretty cautious doctor, thats good!

I myself had a T1G3 bladder tumor, which is superficial non-muscle invasive. Here is a good link showing the different stages and describing grading:

Chris A.
Diagnosed T1G3 - 3/01/06
37 yo, Seattle, WA

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Noninvasive Grade 3? was created by jhs
Hello everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with a tumor in my bladder, and had the TUR last week. The tumor was completely removed, biopsy material was taken from under the base, and the base was cauterized. The pathology report just came in and indicates that the tumor is Ta and Stage 0 (noninvasive papillary). However, it also says that the tumor's malignancy is High Grade (Grade 3).

Has anyone ever heard of a grade 3 noninvasive tumor?

My doctor had expected it to be no higher than grade 2. However, now that it is confirmed grade 3, and also because it had a relativey wide base, he is recommending a "biopsy resection" where, after I'm fully healed from the TUR in a few weeks, he'll take a slice off the base where the tumor was removed, and have another pathology report done. If that confirms that the tumor is noninvasive, he'll then proceed to the immunotherapy.

So, that's my second question: Has anyone ever heard of another surgery being done before going to the immunotherapy? It makes sense to me given what I gather is the unusual situation of a grade 3 noninvasive tumor, but I've just never heard of it.


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