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Do I Feel Lucky??

10 years 3 months ago #34265 by BoilermakerJim
Hello All - Not sure if this is the appropriate forum to post this in but...I am new here but not new to BC. I am now faced with a very difficult decision and don't know which way to turn.

My background: I was diagnosed with BC in 2005 and underwent TURBT. Pathology came back TA, G1. I received the 6 BCG treatments and did all of the follow-up, i.e. cystos every 3 months graduating to every 6 months. The only hiccup was a couple of spots my uro detected during a routine cysto and those were cauterized (sp?).

My last cysto was in August and at that time, if I was once again all clear, I was to graduate to cystos only once a year. Unfortuantely, my uro spotted some problem areas and a FISH came back showing abnormal cells. Another TURBT was done and this time the pathology shows TA, G3, very aggressive.

My uro, after doing some research says there is no clear answer as to what to do in this case. On the one hand, the cancer did not reappear for 4-1/2 years but on the other, it did reappear and is much more aggressive than the first go around. He says, and it's been seconded by Dr. Richard Bihrle at IU Med Center in Indianapolis, that trying BCG again is a valid decision and that a radical cystectomy would be a valid decision.

I feel like I'm at a proverbial fork in the road without even a hint of what is the best course of action. It truly feels like 50-50. I surely don't want to lose my bladder and endure the trials of surgery, rehab, etc.. but I'm also not one to leave things to chance; and according to both doctors there is a chance (probably small) going the BCG route for this to end up being lethal. I mean, even if it's a 5% chance, what if I'm in that 5%? If you can't tell, I'm not much of a gambler...I don't even buy lottery tickets.

Sorry for the novel, but does anyone have any words of wisdom? Have you faced the same type of decision? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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