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An update and a few questions..

10 years 5 months ago - 10 years 5 months ago #29610 by Sled Ed
Hi All

I hope you were all able to enjoy a nice festive season.

About a week ago I received my pathology results from my RC. Finally good news came my way. All results read like a dream with negative for all lymph nodes, non invasive to muscle, no shocks or surprises (yippee). Felt like a part of a big battle just got sort of beat.

My catheter finally came out this monday past after being in 6 weeks.
My questions are about this new experience that I've been going through these past 4 days trying to get used to the new me..
-I'm wearing a Depends Super Plus underwear at night(and losts of 'em)..daytime I wear Depends Guards for Men..
My question is..am I using the right gear..any suggestions
-I'm probably not up as I should be on mucus and would love a crash course on it...is it forever..should I expect a lesser amount of volume in the near future..
-At 100cc my Dr indicated that in the next period of time we'd be increasing the volume to somewhere around 400cc. I suspect a larger bladder volume should assist in reducing the frequency that I'd leak. Will a bladder volume increase make the nite time continance problem worst?

Thanks in advance for sharing any input on these topics. I suppose we are all new in different aspects of our journey..I'm new at this point now and anything shared would be appreciated.

Thanks Ed

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