Vitamin D

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Today I had an appointment with my PD just for getting my scripts. We got into a very interesting talk about Vitamin D. The main source of this Vitamin is from ultra violet rays from the sun. Now some of us work inside or when it is hot we don't sit in the sun very long most of us. Also when it's cold the same thing we don't want to be in the cold on a sunny day for too long. My PD said most of us get the other basic Vitamins A,B,C and E from the foods we eat. But Vitamin D helps build our White Blood Cells I was not aware of this. So basically alot of us are not getting enough Vitamin D. He said Vitamin D is more like a hormone for our bodies then a Vitamin and we should get at least 800- 1000 mgs per day. Building the white blood cells also makes this s good anti cancer hormone. Until he said this I thought of Vitamin D as just that a Vitamin and not a hormone and he said this he read from the New England Journal of Medicine. He also said we will here alot more about this coming this year. I looked around and found two articles that have some good information about Vitamin D. Just something I wasn't aware of and figured I passed it along. And another thing we all get to the beach and the sun and the ocean but we need sun block the way the sun is today it's not like it was say 30 years ago so therefore we all use sunblock and this prohibits us from getting all the sun we need but does stop us from getting sunburn. Joe :)

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