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Mom has suspicious tissue in bladder.WORRIED!

14 years 4 months ago #815 by momof3
Update on CT Scan results:

We took mom in today to see about surgery. The CT Scan showed a large (6x3.2 cm) polypoid tumor on her bladder. It is cancer and they are going to go in and scrape the lining of the bladder. The tumor bulges into the lumen, not necessarily into the bladder wall.

Is this an effective and positive treatment? I am worried they will miss (leave behind) tumor cells.

We are so very worried for her.

Thanks very much for reading. I feel like I am lost in this world of cancer lingo.



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14 years 4 months ago #804 by rentanag

I just went to my search engine and entered the term POLYPOID, and of the numerous items that came up this was the first.  I will paste it here for you to read, but realize it may not exactly mean what is referred to in your mother's report but may give you a general idea of its meaning.
• Urologic Pathology: Papillary/Polypoid Cystitis
Papillary/Polypoid Cystitis. Inflammatory lesions of the lamina propria, particularly when accompanied by much edema, will produce an irregular mucosal contour with broad-based or club-shaped surface ...
I think what might be referring to polypoid (this is a shape) is the broad based or club shaped surface.
I hope this is again something that helps, but more than this is a suggestion from me to do what I wrote that I did with the word of interest, and that is to enter the word into your search engine and see what it brings up.  I usually have success in finding answers to things I'm not sure about, and they're not necessarily all medical questions.
Well, good luck in your search for understanding some of these strange words.


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14 years 4 months ago #802 by rentanag

Of course, I don't know why I didn't realize it was an ultrasound.  I should have figured it out from the use of the word hypoechoic (even though I'm not exactly sure of that words meaning--except that hypo means under or low and echo has to do with the sound waves bouncing back from whatever it hits--the tumor).   I mentioned I'm an x-ray tech, but it's been a long time since I worked in the field. Although some of the terminology will never change, some of it that's used these days is foreign to me because of the newer technologies.
I think your Mother has every reason to continue to be positive about the outcome of these tests.  Gods Blessings on you both.


Ps.  I think one reason I was thinking of a ct scan was because she'd already had an ultrasound previously.

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14 years 4 months ago #800 by momof3
Thank you Lou.

I really appreciate your time and consideration in explaining this a bit better to me. My mom has a CT scan today, (that was from an ultrasound report), and they are doing surgery tomorrow. My mom is the picture of health and can outwork/play/perform most 20 year olds and she never complains. So to see this happen to her is just a real blow to our spirits.

She is very positive about this and is certain she will be fine, and positive thinking goes along way.

What does Polypoid and hypoechoic mean? I can't find a good definition anywhere for these.

Thanks again and prayers to you also.


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14 years 4 months ago #797 by rentanag

Although the Radiologist who read (I'm assuming that what you've written comes from a report on a ct scan, at least that's what it sounds like to me--I'm an x-ray technologist) has a strange way of putting it, it suggests to me that it doesn't invade the deep muscle.  That's what it sounds like to me, but I could be wrong.  I'm also sensing you're wondering what some of the terminology is...such as LUMEN--I'm fairly sure that's the open space within the bladder.  Then it mentions the anterior bladder wall and that is the inside of the bladder that is closest to the front of the body (a persons abdomen).
However to get an absolute interpretation of this report the specialist who ordered it would need to explain it in better detail than I could.  Especially since I'm only guessing that this report is from a radiologist about a ct scan of the abdomen (bladder specifically).
I hope this is of some help to you, but as you probably know they are going to need to do more than this test to determine what it is.  Has your Mother gone to a Urologist yet?  That will most likely be her next office visit, and that person once he or she does a cysto or turbt will be able to tell much more about what is going on in her bladder.
This report is not necessarily a horrible result, so keep the faith.  Keep us informed as to how she's doing, and know that she's in our prayers (you, too).

Lou Graham

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14 years 4 months ago #796 by momof3
Hi again.

The tests that were done last week state the following:

"Bladder has a large tumor that bulges into the lumen arising from the anteriour bladder wall. 6.0x3.9cm in diameter. There is a mild focal thickening of bladder wall where this polypoid tumor attaches but the tumor is more hypoechoic than the bladder wall even where it attaches. So I do not think there is full thickness bladder wall involvement."

This is what was on her report. It is all so confusing. Can anyone make any sense of this? Thanks for your time.


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