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The Newbie Lurks, The Newbie Speaks

8 years 11 months ago #39772 by rbmc
Hi Catherine. Now to get the hang of replies. I don't know if they appear in order yet under each one, but will soon find out! You're right right, lurking is beneficial here. And modesty was not an issue. After a brief explanation that there is only one way to get up into the bladder, let's go for it. You guys got work to do, and it's incredible that they can get so much equipment up there today. And being asleep for the first two, never knew a thing. The waters seem rough, but here there are discussions on specific issues, helpful to those in need. Thanks for the welcome.

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8 years 11 months ago #39770 by DougG
Welcome, RBMC. I'm sure many will learn from your posts as you have learned from those who have posted before you. Thank you for being willing to share your story.


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8 years 11 months ago #39762 by GKLINE

Posting that first thought is like walking out into the sunlight. You have done it! And we are sooooo Glad!

Since there are many other lurkers out there just like you, with stories to tell, we have a mission for you.

Please tell us your thoughts and your story so that other can do the same. We don't bite (much) and EVERYONE is welcome. Freedom of speech, and freedom of question, is A OK. Everyone has a reason to be here. Everyone has questions or a thought. We want to hear them!

Your first post is a Great step toward many other posts. We thank you for stepping up and giving us a chance to hear your story.

You are indeed a Survivor. Welcome


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8 years 11 months ago #39756 by CatherineH
Welcome to the boards! All contributions are valued here. I look forward to hearing more from you and am glad you are ready to join in the conversation. One does learn a lot being a lurker and that's OK too.

No BC questions are out of bounds or too embarrassing. Most of the time one loses most of one's modesty after the first cysto!

I also went through 8 months after diagnosis and surgery before I stumbled upon ABLCS. It was daunting trying to navigate these waters by myself during that very dark time and now I don't have to thanks to all the wonderfully supportive folks here!

Again... glad you're here!


Best wishes... Catherine
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8 years 11 months ago #39755 by rbmc
Hello to all at ABLCS.....
Ambition finally has me coming out of "lurk mode" here. I actually became a member of the "BC Club" back in March 2011. Naturally frightened and confused with the diagnosis, the anxiety bandwagon approach had me jumping everywhere loking for answers. Which led to more anxiety and confusion. Luckily in that process, I bumped across this forum. Here I saw common sense, intelligent conversation, and good advice. The first being to "slow down", and to concentrate/focus on your own particular problem. Cancer is a frightening word, and that advice helped me focus on Bladder Cancer, and my own specific situation. I registered with the group, but never participated. But as time went on I did come back to find more answers, discussion, and advice. Now ready to join in with an 8 month chain of events behind me, I see there are places to post such a story. I am by no means an expert of "been there - done that". Maybe the experiences would help someone else. And give insight to the others with more wisdom to see where I have been, allowing better comments and advice. Oh yes, I already have questions to inject along the way. And will anticipate questions for things I may not yet fully understand.
Basically, I have had 3 surgeries to date, finding non-invasive tumors. I'd like to present each of the 3 individually, leading up to my current BCG treatments. There's a long journey ahead yet.
When I walked out of that hospital after the first go-round, I was a survivor. It would be nice to keep it that way for a while yet. Please look for my upcoming contributions.
Hope I don't bore anyone. Thanks.

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