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Second Opinion Misconceptions for the Newly Diagnosed and Others

13 years 5 days ago #10534 by momof4
That is very true Pat...If the initial TUR was done by a Dr. and a Pathology/or Radiology Dept. that the surgeon knows and respects then the tests probably won't be repeated.

However when you have someone coming from a rural area to a Major Cancer Center, I am sure that most tests will have to be repeated. When they have slides, CT, and Bone Scans, and not just a reports. It is easier to have a new Urologist/Oncologist/Surgeon or a Lab/Pathology Dept. take a fresh look. Without repeating the procedures. In this case as long as the specimen is big enough/good enough...a second opinion can be given without a further TUR (as in my husbands case).

Second opinions are just that "An Opinion", if you decide to do further testing it is your choice, in conjunction with the Dr./or surgeon. At that point it is not an opinion anymore, you are now choosing a facility or Dr. to help you in your journey.

Also, I think that a lot of patients feel loyalty to Dr. or Facility. I can appreciate that you "Like" your Dr. But this is your life here. If you feel "Something" is just not right. Go somewhere else...Listen to that little voice we all so often ignore.

I too agree that a Comprehensive Cancer Center makes a HUGE difference, as well as Dr.'s and Surgeons who see this cancer on a daily basis. It is the same with any profession out there. The more someone does something the more skilled they are...

To All of the Newly Diagnosed Please get another qualified professional look at your information if nothing else, and get their thoughts on your case, just so you have "no regrets" (a little nod to Holly) later.


Caregiver for my Wonderful Husband Angelo, who has Metastatic Bladder Cancer.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

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13 years 6 days ago #10520 by Patricia
Ginger...a second turb in your case as well as mine was done by a Major urological cancer center....our first turbs by a local uro...that was my point that when a top facility with top pathologists does the TURB its rarely questioned say if you should decide to go to yet a different major facility. Does that make any sense? Since we both went to the same place...Dr. Gill never questioned Dr. Herrs prognosis from Memorial Sloan. However i'm sure if he had been my second opinion he would have insisted on looking for himself. Now i'm really confusing the issue!! :P

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13 years 6 days ago #10512 by Gene Beane
I am sure this may be true, in our case I asked why another turb, answer, because Dr. Campbell wants to see it for himself and have their pathologist read the report.
That was our experience. The second turb was deeper which may have been a better result for stageing. Ginger

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13 years 6 days ago #10507 by marigold
The institution (UCSF) that performed my cystectomy had their pathologists review the slides of the TURB and the path report from another institution. Otherwise, I was not examined since UCSF's pathologists concurred with the original path report.

I would also agree that the top doctors in this field know all about each other.

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13 years 6 days ago #10506 by Patricia
"I doubt they would do an RC with someone elses information anyway."

Well yes they would. With the top surgeons who perform cystectomy on a regular basis there is an internal commradery amongst them....they communicate on a regular basis with each other. It wasn't likely that my T2 muscle invasive cancer was going to go away......each surgeon i saw as i was shopping for my Indiana Pouch accepted the diagnosis of the pathologists at Memorial Sloan. This included USC/Norris, Indiana U. Med center, Mass. General, Johns Hopkins, and The Cleveland Clinic. Yes i had further blood testing and the prerequisite bone scan but no more biopsies.


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13 years 6 days ago #10497 by Gene Beane
Wow!!!!Well it proves to be true, I personally was in charge of Gene, and everyone here always goes to the Clinic when its serious, no small town surgery for major issues, although I see them do it. I have to say the testing done at the Cleveland Clinic was so much more involved, makes you think, GLAD I CAME HERE!!! So Gene just went here I led him,,, and that was for a second opinion at The Cleveland Clinic, MAYBE SOME PEOPLE ARE LESS AGGRESSIVE, BY NATURE, but someone should be pushing them to get that SECOND OPINION, it can save your life...or give you options not given at point one...Happy Thanksgiving,!!!

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