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Diagnosed aged 35

5 years 7 months ago #47277 by blessed girl 37
Hello I just signed up for this site today but I was also diagnosed at 37 with stage 4 bladder cancer that had spread into my lymph nodes. That was April 2012. To say the least I was terrified at the news after being seen by 2 different urologists that didn't catch my cancer because of my young age. I repeatedly went to the ER with extreme pain blood clots and being unable to urinate. They would call my urologist and he would tell them to send me home and make a follow up appt...for some reason he believed my issues came from using drugs which at that time I took absolutely nothing at all!! Finally went to a different hospital and was diagnosed. But after that frustrating ordeal I went immediately through chemo and had bladder removal surgery hysterectomy and effected lymph nodes removed. That was Aug 2014 and I have been blessed to be cancer free since then.I do have a urostomy that took a while to get used to but I have learned to deal with it and just so happy to still be here with my children!

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5 years 8 months ago #47141 by LioNessa
I know your original post was 7 years ago, But I thought I would share anyway. My first run was at age 24 then again 9 months later. Everything has been okay now the symptoms are back and I am 36. I have no insurance and getting in to see a urologist was easy, he wanted me in the hospital the next morning for a cysto, but the hospital said no, you have no money. It has been a week and I am literally calling everywhere I can find. Best case is still 4-6 weeks before I can possibly get a cysto done.

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12 years 11 months ago #5814 by n3qtrtme
I am brand new to the board (this is my first post) and was surprised to see that there really ARE younger women out there that are going through the bladder cancer experience. I am 38 and was diagnosed with very rare squamous cell and transitional cell cancers after my urologist peeked into my bladder and found a huge tumor. Since the diagnosis on 12/18/06 I have had 4 TURBT's, 4 rounds of chemo and finally the RC with a Studer Pouch on 4/25/07. I experience the same looks in the urologist's office full of old men but it did score me quick attention and treatment by the Head of the Urology Department at M.D. Anderson. I became one of his few "pet projects". I have fortunately been declared cancer-free post-op (YEAH!) and am learning to use my neo-bladder. Thanks so much to all of you ladies out there for letting me know I am not as bizarre as I thought!

Christine Springfield
T3/G3 - Squamous Cell/Transitional Cell Carcinomas
RC w/Studer Pouch 4/25/07

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13 years 4 weeks ago #5389 by kate
hi Sarah
Thanks for sharing that. I am relieved it sounds like a relatively straightforward procedure but agree it gets more complicated with more experts getting involved! The latest is after an MRI yesterday is that it is more likely to be an ovarian cyst...my surgeon was prepared to keep my fal. tubes and ovaraies in although the uterus came out and I imagine my body is now rather confused. Will be seeing my gynae this evening. I am just praying I can avoid another op, particularly a hysterectomy.
Hope you are feeling good. It's uncanny, our RC timetable was identical.
It's lovely to "meet you". I am from the UK too but have had all my treatment in Germany where I live.

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13 years 4 weeks ago #5370 by Sarah
Hi Kate

Sorry I haven't been on the forum for a while and have only just seen your post. I am in the UK , had a neobladder last July and in September was diagnosed with an uninfected lymphocoele, which was drained through the abdomen using ultrasound to guide the radiologist. There was a lot of debate back and forth between my urologist and the radiologist about the best course - the radiologist thought the lymphocoele would be reabsorbed by my body eventually, but the urologist said it was too close to my neobladder to risk leaving it there.
I was very symptomatic though as the lymphocoele was irritating my bowel. Not as rare as all that apparently!
Hope you have now had your scan and all is well.

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13 years 4 weeks ago #5369 by kate
Thanks Wendy - really useful article. I have to have an MRI tomorrow to learn more but my docs said judging by CT scan there are no criteria for tumour activity at least. Phew! Agreed spontaneous resolution sounds ideal. I think spontaneous combustion better reflects my current level of anxiety though!!!!! Kate xx

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