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Bladder plaque calcification

7 years 7 months ago #43453 by DougG
Wow, 3Strikes. I have not heard of the calcification. I hope that someone who can help you figure out an answer responds to your post.


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7 years 7 months ago #43452 by 3strikes
I am looking for help. After my 2nd surgery in 6 months I had six weeks of mytomycin as the BCG had not stopped cancer from reoccurring. I did have a reaction, itch followed by rash on fingers increasing each instillation. (Don't ask me why the fingers, I do not know, but the same every week.)

Bladder cancer has not returned in over two years. What I have is a recurring calcification at 2nd surgery sites. I have been in daily pain for 3 years, had all calcification scraped away on Sept. 7 for the 2nd time. I was in less pain the next morning and have been pretty comfortable until last week.

It is not a ammonia producing type of infection. That leaves an immune response, probably no fix for that, or a nano bacteria type infection. I have been to two urologists and 2 radiologists. Not getting much interest in really finding out the cause. Not getting any solutions other than the scraping. I really cannot have surgery every six weeks.

There is not much current data on calcification except ammonia producing bacteria type. I am now restricted on choice of antibiotics as kidneys are deteriorating.

Anyone have any leads ? Thanks for reading even if no input.

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