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13 years 6 months ago #1915 by wendy

I'm sorry to hear about your worries, but don't have enough understanding of the situation yet to give advice or opinion. What were the treatments and what was the 'stage' of the cancer at original diagnosis?

Radiation and intravenous chemotherapy are given as an alternative to removing the bladder for stage T2 and higher. But this is not a common treatment because it's expensive, experimental and needs a team of experts.

I think you might mean the kind of chemo treatment where it's put into the bladder (called intravesical chemo and it is often not actually chemotherapy but immunotherapy drugs) is for stage T1 and Ta/T0 bladder cancer. But at this stage radiation is not usually used. But I'm not a doctor and could be wrong about this, and there are always exceptions.

Radiation is more often used in Europe. It would help me understand better if I knew where you were from, where your partner was treated and the type and stage of bladder cancer.

If you ask, you can get a copy of the latest pathology report and any other information you have about treatments given so far so you can begin to understand what treatments have been given. The doctor must be willing to discuss these and explain it to you. Otherwise me and many others can help decipher the medical terms for you to help them become clearer (hopefully!).

I wish you both all the best,

PS I'm going to move your message to a different section where it is better suited to receive more input, I hope you don't mind.

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13 years 6 months ago #1914 by deeasm
looking for some advice really my partner had surgery to remove the cancer in the bladder by doing this through the penis in jan of this year then went on to have chemo and radio has been finished treatments for 3 months went back today for camera to check the bladder for any signs of cancer still there and was found to have 6 new tumours in the bladder  is also going on the 15 of this month to check for bone cancer in the legs as syptoms are there also. please can anyone give me advise if going through the same or come through the other end dont know what to say or do

been with my partner for 7 years ,i have a 10 year old son .

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