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Biopsy vs. BCG

13 years 5 months ago #4962 by Rosemary

Well, it's hard to say. It sounds like you are getting some pretty conflicting information.

My tumor was predominantly low-grade with high grade focal, but then, I was supposedly a definite Stage T1. My doc didn't ask if I wanted BCG, he prescribed BCG. In other words, not really an option.

Would you feel comfortable with going ahead and getting the colonoscopy out of the way and do the biopsy, and then after all that is done, go forward with BCG's?

I'm not a doctor, but I see the reasoning of what the doctor is saying about the mass on her bladder not being BC, because her BC was superficial. I was wondering if it might be endometriosis as endo can also attach itself to the bladder.

But then, I'm not a doc.

My main question would be , "When are you planning another cystoscopy?" I would definitely want them looking back in there in the next few weeks if they are not planning a 2nd TUR.

Just my humble opinion,

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13 years 5 months ago #4960 by klau1973
So here's the update on my mom. She spoke with her new uro at Sloan today and this uro says that the uterine mass is not bc because the tumor removed during TUR was superficial -- still no T stage given, but I was told that there was absolutely no invasion so I guess its Ta? Then the uro told my mom it is low grade and she doesn't even need BCG but she can do it if she wants. Given that this info was very different from what first uro told her (that there was a high grade focal area and thus BCG needed) I called doc back and spoke with nurse who relayed questions to doc. Here is what I was told. Yes, there is a high grade focal area. That the bladder lesion that was seen in the CT, ultrasound and MRI is outside the bladder and that mass along with the uterine mass is not bc, but they don't know what it is so it needs to be biopsied. When I pressed her and asked if there is any possibilty that it is bc the nurse said, "Well, it is possible, but very unlikely." The problem my mom now faces is that she can start BCG and have a needle biopsy of the masses outside the bladder, but if the needle biopsy is inconclusive -- as they often are, she will need an open biopsy done surgically and that cannot be done while doing BCG. She also needs to have a colonoscopy b/c of blood in her stool, buty this too cannot be done during BCG treatment. What say you guys? Her TUR was 3/19 and she was scheduled to start BCG last week, but it was delayed until we heard form doc about these other masses. I am worried that these other masses may still be bc and waiting six more weeks to find that out scares me, but on the flip side if these masses are fibroids as her gyn at Sloan says they might be, then I hate to put off the BCG.

Also, as a side note. I am not thrilled to hear one uro say she needs BCG and the other say she doesn't. Is BCG standard for high grade tumors? Does it matter that it was predominantly low grade?

I'd appreciate any input. My mom asked me to post this before she decides what to do. As always thank you!


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