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Speed of growth of tumor

13 years 2 months ago #4895 by Mike
When mine was dx it was 8cm and I personally don't even think a Dr could tell tell you the speed of growth with these tumors. I was just recovering from left hip replacement and here this thing is growing inside me. I had no sypmtoms at the time. My hip replacement was Sept 26,06 and my first bladder symptom was hemutiuria on 12/5/07 so you tell me. Thats the sad part with any cancer most people don't know till they get a symptom and depending on what kind of BC you have and how agressive it is would contribute to the speed of growth. My opoinion is this cancer attacks ones immune system and we all have different immune systems so since we are discussing BC being this is a BC forum each of us will have different kinds of tumors. And closing I don't think the speed has jack to do with anything since mine was about 2 inches b4 any symptoms if so say why not when it was 3 cm did I not get a symptom which I did not. Cancer is a very tricky disease. And Tim I rather doubt your Dad had a tumor since he was your age with absolutely no symptoms I am sorry for your lost. But alot of folks just down right ignore any symptoms say hemuturia thinking oh it will go away. Example my wifes mom had colon cancer ignored all the symptoms and did not say boo hoo till she got sharp piercing pains in her right side. By this time it had spread to her liver and then it was too late. And the saddest part of all she could be here with us today if only she would of Doctored :-[ Best Wishes, Joe

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13 years 2 months ago #4886 by timb

My best guess would be that its highly variable. Ive had 2cm ta tumours spring up in 4 months and then pinprick ones appear after a year. Maybe the grade is more important than the stage in terms of growth speed but Im not sure. My dad died of BC 3 years ago and his tumour was large, could only be partly removed and extended through the bladder wall and out the other side. I often thought he could have had this tumour since the age I was diagnosed (29) and it didn't do the real damage until he was 65/66. Just a gut feeling. I certainly feel lucky to have had the haematuria and to have noticed it. I could just have easily been peeing in a dark room in the middle of the night half asleep and not noticed it. Maybe thats what happened with my dad. Or mayb he never bled. I had no noticeable UTI symptoms although it can be amazingly subtle. Tumour cells apparently retain the stretchy properties of bladder lining and hence they don't tend to exhibit pain or necessarily bleed as the bladder fills and empties.

I heard age can also be a factor. My doc reckons that with older patients the progress is sometimes so slow that they are conservatively treated as the chances of them dying first of natural causes is much greater. In younger patients I believe many types of cancer can progress more rapidly. Also, size of tumour is not necessarily an indication of prognosis.


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13 years 2 months ago #4882 by amy
Hi Greg

I do not know how fast thjey grow but my tumor was elongated and 3 cm. I also had numerous UTI symptoms for years. I saw blood in my urine off and on for six years and three pregnancies. The doc would always just treat me for a UTI. It is quite possible that you had that tumor for a long time.


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13 years 2 months ago #4880 by Gman1979
Hello everyone. I was just wondering how fast a low grade, Ta tumor grows? The reason I ask is that mine was rather large (43 grams). I used to always complain of UTI-like symptoms while I was in law school, which was about 4 years ago. But, I can't imagine this thing would have been growing in me for that long. Or, maybe it could have been. I have been told that these things are rapid-growing. Maybe I should ask my uro. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea out there. Thanks for everything.

Best wishes to all,

"I am third."
-Gayle Sayers

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