First of 3 quarter dose maintenance

4 months 22 hours ago #62024 by Shacky73
First of 3 quarter dose maintenance was created by Shacky73
I had first of 3 maintenance round Thursday.  Pleased that my MD reduced dose to 1/4.  Last round of Re-induction was 1/2 and I had to stop after 5 weeks.  

On Thursday I had to let it out after just over an hour.  On 1.5 hour drive home I had only one small pee without much pain.  Thought it was going to be a piece of cake then a couple hours later the painful urges/spasms started.  I was peeing every 10-15 minutes and only 50-100 cc’s.

I was up most the night.  After sleeping couple hours I got up to 400 cc’s.  Symptoms persisted and many times back to 50-150 with strong urges.

I take Mybetriq with Uribel and pyridium.  I can definitely live with this.  Was just surprised by the more delayed symptoms.  Much easier in ride home though ; )

Two more to go then scope in December.

T1 Grade 3 with CIS

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