2 vs 3 BCG Maintenance Treatments

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2 vs 3 BCG Maintenance Treatments was created by Worriedwife33
HI Everyone,
My husband has HG NMIBC; his tumor was very large at over 5 cm.  His urine cytologies post-TURBT have been clean as have his first 2 blue light cystoscopies (NED).  He received 5 induction, followed by 3 maintenance and has now been told he will only receive 2 maintenance for 2nd maintenance round.  He is receiving 50mg (so full dose) TICE strain, as this is obviously the only one approved in this country.  What I do not like is that some patients get 3, and some get 2.  We went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in February for a second opinion, and the uro onc there was surprised my husband only got 5 induction.  He stated everyone in his clinic gets 6 followed by 3X3 for 2 cycles and then 3 every 6 months.  I listened to a session at the uro onc meeting and one of the speakers (Atlanta area) said he has no problem getting BCG.  Not sure if this is an AZ thing or what, but now I am wondering if we should go to NYC for 3rd dose if they will allow it.  We really like the uro onc there, but he may not want to do just 1 and let us do the other 2 here in AZ.  Has anyone had this issue?  I know the shortage is "ongoing" but my husband is doing really well, and I want him to get adequate treatment.  I cannot find anything supporting 2 doses, just 3 at a dose reduction of 1/2 or 1/3.  

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