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I tried not to write a lot on this form. I am not best writer and thank you for giving me some time. I feel by expressing my feelings is much better then holding them in. I also consider myself as a  person who tried to be positive about everything.  Once I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I started to question myself and my faith by asking questions why me. I realized there much be a reason for this.I was scared like most of us  but I realized I much not let my faith in life stop me. I realize I must go on living and putting my faith in God.  All we have in our  live is our faith.  I realized after reading comments on this form everyone goes through their treatment different. There seem to be no real answer on how one person reacts. Some do well with treatment other don't. At this time treatment for me been going great.  I realize thou that can change. Best thing for us to do is to keep your faith and not tried to worrying so much.  We should never stop living life and do what ever it take to win this battle  I know I will never stop enjoying life and each day is a blessing. Take what life give you and enjoyed it. I look at it as just another fort in road. It great to hear from you all and I will pray each day for all of us.  
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