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There is good news and some not-so-good news in your mom's biopsy report.  First the bad news, carcinoma in situ is a form of bladder cancer that appears sort of like a rash on the surface of the bladder.  It is highly treatable when it has not spread.  The good news is that the report states that the first layer of muscle was included in the sample and was there was no cancer there..

Carcinoma in situ in the bladder, abbreviated CIS, is always considered "high grade," or capable of spreading if not treated.  Her urologist will probably prescribe treatment with BCG, which is considered the best standard of care for CIS.  BCG (Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine) is a modified form of a tuberculosis vaccine which has been found to be effective against CIS bladder cancer.  It is a form of immunotherapy since it appears to stimulate the immune system in the bladder to fight CIS.

There are several slightly different routines for CIS therapy.  Perhaps the most common one is to have the BCG instilled in the bladder once a week for six weeks.  Then a series of maintenance doses are used, often once a week for three weeks every three months for about two years.  Your mom's urologist will discuss this with her.  

There are side effects to BCG, but they are nothing like those experienced with traditional chemotherapy.  Most patients tolerate BCG quite well.  The most common side effects are fatigue and urinary burning, urgency, and discomfort that lasts a few days after each treatment. 

I am a survivor of CIS.  I was diagnosed 14 years ago with CIS.  I underwent BCG treatments and maintenance treatments and have been cancer-free ever since.  My diagnosis was pretty much like your mother's.  

Your mother should do fine.  She is very fortunate to have you by her side.

Sara Anne

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I am making sure I understand my moms biopsy results. It came back satying 
I am assuming that there is NOT cancer detected at this time?  

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