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Indication of Blood In Urine During BCG Treatment

11 months 2 weeks ago - 11 months 2 weeks ago #58220 by NelsJenn
Dear Forum Members,

I am concerned about some of the results of my urine tests when I go for my BCG tests. I’ve had 5 BCG treatments so far, and I’ll take my 6th one next week.

I know that the following two urine tests together are used to determine if a UTI is possible, but I was able to proceed with the BCG treatment, so I assume I don’t have a UTI issue:
Leukocytes - moderate detection of white blood cells. Possible UTI or Kidney infection.
Nitrate - negative - infections caused by nitrate-reducing bacteria

However, my urine test at the infusion center came up LARGE for blood in the urine. Should I be concerned about blood in my urine at this point in time, especially if we take into consideration the LARGE results from the test at the infusion center?

Unlike the urine test at the infusion center, I tested my urine at home twice with UriTest 10 parameter test strips before going to the infusion center, and my results were trace (small) amounts of blood. Weird!

Should we expect this from the BCG treatment, or is this an indication that the cancer cells are still in my bladder and are not responding to the BCG?

Another factor is that before each treatment, I dehydrate myself by not drinking any liquids for about 24 hours before the treatment, in order to make it easier to hold in the BCG for two hours. By the time I get to UCSF, my urine is visibly darker than usual (more concentrated). Could this higher concentration be contributing to the results of a large amount of blood in my urine?

I told the nurse the only side effect I am experiencing from the BCG treatment is mild sensitivity and discomfort from urinating for around two days after the BCG treatments. Should I be experiencing more severe side effects if my immune system is working to destroy the cancer cells?

Please share your experience on this matter. Thanks for the wonderful support! Regards, Nelson

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