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Hi, my name is Trisha. I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with NIBC 3 years ago.....have had 4 TURBT and over 30 BCG treatments. I am receiving my 3rd round this week. It seems that I have more side effects the more treatments I receive ie: weakness, chills, ache all over. Is anyone else feeling this way. I am 74 years old and usually have a lot of energy but these treatments are knocking me down unless it's all in my "head". I am so happy to have found this me comfort.......thanks

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Hello, Trisha! And Welcome!!!

I moved your post here, to Non-invasive, since that is where most posts about BCG are. You will see that there are a LOT of posts about it, especially at the top of the topic where they are highlighted.

You are doing exactly as expected with the BCG. Its purpose is to kick up the immune response in the bladder lining so that it rejects any cancer cells that might be present, and it certainly seems to be doing that! Of course, it is affecting other parts of your system also.

Fatigue is one of the first side effects that usually hits patients.
Chills, and a little fever are also not unusual. IF a fever hangs on or gets to be high, you need to call your doctor ASAP. Otherwise, it will get better soon.

And, as you have noticed, the side effects increase as time, and the number of treatments, increase. This is because your body is becoming sensitive to the BCG...which is EXACTLY what you hope will happen. When you feel these side effects, just sigh and remember that this is the result of BCG fighting on your behalf!!!

Sara Anne

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People here report a wide range of reaction to BCG. Some report no issues with going to work the next day, others like me lose 3 days to a bout of BCG (but I'm not complaining). At 17 BCG treatments so far, each has evoked a stronger reaction for me than the prior.

The literature generally supports reducing the dose of BCG to one-third or even one-tenth of the standard dose. The literature is mixed on weather the reduced dose results in a reduced reaction. The literature generally agrees that reductions in this range does not reduce effect of BCG.

You might want to talk to your doctor about this, and ask if it is a good option to try.

I list ONE of many articled by Dr Donald Lamm, a highly respected name in BCG treatment protocols. A google search will bring up many more articles. This article is a one page summary, easy to share with your care team.


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None of these are in your head! I never realized how fatigued I looked until 3 months post to where several of my accounts opened up and were wondering if I was losing the battle! 8 years post life is good and I take one day at a time. As you are doing so well I would never say stop on your protocol however, there are many thoughts on exactly what is the optimum. My URO had me do 6 on, 6 week wait then 6 more reasoning that there are risks in everything so he stops at 12. He also learned under our friend Dr. Lamm which appears to be what you are on, so his protocol does differ from his. I have read about doing just 6 (a well respected, I think now a retired Dr. Herr of Sloan Kettering had that one). I have seen one a month for 12 months. The important item is BCG works! If it becomes too unbearable, nothing says you have to continue and as others have stated a reduced dosage sometimes is good plus I would guess you have beaten it all back. Keep those scheduled scopes that are imperative!

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Trisha, hope you bounce back soon after your BCG round this week!

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Be sure to talk to your doctor about your fevers associated with the BCG.
Best wishes,

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