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Been a while...

13 years 9 months ago #4530 by skypilot
Whwn he did the P&P they should have sent urine in for testing to see if there was ant cancer cells. I had my first P&P after my last TURB and clear of cancer. there was a red spot but he said as long as urine was negative I would just come back in 3 months,( he said red spots can be part of the healing process) And as it turns out that is what we are doing I go back in June. So I would ask about urine results. The best to you on wahtever you have to do. Don

Hanging in there!

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13 years 9 months ago #4529 by wendy
Dear Simon,

I'm sorry to hear about your rotten follow up. Sometimes these tumors at 3 months are not new tumors, but left over. And sometimes tumors get re-seeded from the procedure itself. That's the rationale behind an instillation of a chemo drug after a TUR.

The most important thing is the pathology, not the fact that you have a "recur". Please don't lose heart. You have a lot of company out here, people who have walked a similar path. Keep in mind that whatever happens, you will be alright. It does seem as if these things are sent to try us...

Take care,

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13 years 9 months ago #4528 by lhpdogs
Simon, i saw pictures of my insides after a major surgery to remove tumors on the outside of my uterus (benign).. they did a laparoscopy 10 days later, and it looked like a haunted house, there were so many little cobwebs! My surgeon told me it was all scar tissue, and it was growing very fast... nothing to worry about unless it causes adhesions later in my life.

During my first poke and peek after I had a very large TaG1 tumor removed from my bladder, there it was again - inside my bladder this time! This doctor also remarked that I had alot of scar tissue, and he remarked that it would only be a problem if I had to have repeated TURBS for the rest of my life (I'm only 48), or if it grew over the ureter opening; then they'd have to cut it out. Fortunately, I haven't had a recurrence of the BC in the first 15 months.

So I hope your cobwebs are just scar tissue, too ;) Best of luck to you. Stay strong, remain fearless!


TaG1 12/05
3 recurrences
BCG started 9/09

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13 years 9 months ago #4524 by Simon
The last time I was on line was mid Jan. "... one lucky kid!"

I had a large  non invasive tumour removed Dec 27.

At one of my Uro appointments, he told me to get off the pain pills.
I had previously told him that I had been trying.

About a week or so later of no pills... I had phoned him twice and insisted on meds.
He scheduled me for an Ultrasound March 16.
Nothing showed up but my left kidney duct looked dialated.

His statements turned from "one lucky kid!' to "I think" and "I hope."

Today,March 22, I went for my "scheduled" poke and peek.
The area where the tumour was removed looked something like cobwebs. I could see 2 or 3 red marks and what appeared to be    atleast 1 white pimple.
Quite nasty looking compared to the healthy areas of my bladder.

I have now been scheduled for another surgery April 13.
A CT scan is going to be sceduled after I have some more blood work done.

My Uro says that he is just keeping on top of things.

I must say that I really was bummed out today.
From: "Wow! I am really suprised. A tumour that size that is non invasive, your one lucky kid!'
To: "I think." And "I hope"
And now more surgery and a CT.
I kind of feel like he's getting me ready for some bad news.

Any one else have a bladder looking like cobwebs at their first poke and peek?
I'm hoping that the red marks mean healing.
I fully expected to have papillary tumours removed regularly but the cobwebs freaked me out.

My Uro says he's going to biopsy some of the "webs."

I am almost off of the pills, just one or two a day. I sure notice when I go cold turkey.

Hey Tim, I'm with you on the meds!


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