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I am taking a friend to a VA hospital to have a TUR done. He said it will be an outpatient procedure. It is a 3 hr drive. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Will he be in pain afterward? Are there ever complications that may neccessitate a return to the hospital? Should we stay in the area overnight to be on the safe side? My husband died last year from lung cancer and I got a lot of help from a LC board. Glad I found this one so I can help my friend. It is such a relief to find out this is not an automatic death sentence. I have already learned a lot from this forum. Thanks.


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14 years 1 month ago #4467 by Rosemary
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It is very good and kind of you to help a friend out in need.

A lot of how your friend is going to feel will depend on the type of anesthesia that he gets. There are generally 2 types...

1. a general anesthesia, where it may take him a good while to really wake up, and generally feel pretty lousy for awhile.
2. An epidural, which is much easier on recovery, but can cause intense headaches if not administered correctly.

I'm not a guy, so I'm not sure how long the catheter will have to stay in. There was not much bleeding or pain experienced with my 2 TUR's, but some people do experience bladder spasms, so make sure that he gets some meds for spasms, just in case.

He will probably be given an antibiotic to take with him also.

I had a biopsy in Chapel Hill under an epidural with a twilight drug, and rode home for the 3 hour trip on the same day. Needless to say, I laid down in the back of my sister's van and went to sleep. Not much company for the trip, I'm afraid.

Thats about all I can think of.

Maybe someone else will remember something that I've left out. Good luck. Hope the VA is good to you both.

Your friend,

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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14 years 1 month ago #4468 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic What to expect?
Karen I am a guy and I had my TUR done at the Univ of Penna and I am certain your friend will spend one night in the hospital ( usually standard procedure ) and be discharged the next day. For this procedure he will most definitely get general anesthesia and have the cath in over night. The next morning the Dr will come in and tell him whether the tumor was superficial or if it is invassive meaning into the bladder wall. Then in the AM of that day the nurse will come in and take the foley out and they look to see if he can pee at least 240 ml which is not all that much to make sure the kidneys are functiong. If all goes well with this then he will be discharged that day no matter what type of tumor they find. Mine was an invassive tumor so I required a more intense type of follow up treatments never the less was discharge until my tests could be scheduled. If your friends tumor is superficial during the TUR they can usually get that all out and the Dr will tell your friend he will need to see him every 3 months to check things out in what they call the poke and peek with the scope to make sure all is well. I hope this helps you out some and I wish both your friend and yourself the best of luck. Best Wishes, Joe

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14 years 1 month ago #4469 by timb
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TURs have a range of after effects ranging from nothing in particular to really quite uncomfortable when you pee. My advice would be to not be sparing with the pain meds (its easier to stave off pain than get rid of it) and drink lots of cranberry juice afterwards. that should make a difference. the pamphlet will probably say "discomfort for a few days afterwards". Also remember if your friend has any post TUR bleeding that, if it's the first time, it'll look a lot more bloody than it actually is. It doesn't take much blood to colour your urine. and keep asking the questions of your friends docs and here. Good luck to your friend and well done you for helping out!



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14 years 1 month ago #4470 by karhart
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Thank you so much, Rosemary and Joe for the quick replies. He is having this done at a very crowded VA hospital. My husband had some of his treatment there. They were very nice but just have too many patients, not enough space. He is definately not staying overnight. I'm pretty sure he told me he would go home with a catheter and they would show his girlfriend (not me) how to take care of it. I guess he will follow up Monday at the local VA clinic. If he is going to require more extensive treatment I am going to encourage him to go to Moffitt Cancer Center, which is right across the street. That is what my husband ended up doing. My friend is on Medicare for disability so he could do this. What I told my husband was he was freeing up space for another vet who did not have other options like he did. He received a level of care that I know he would not have had at the VA hospital. I don't know how long it will take for him to get the pathology. Can they tell while doing the procedure anything, or does it all have to come from the lab? Thanks again.

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14 years 1 month ago #4473 by Mike
Replied by Mike on topic What to expect?
If they do that then all that is required is to empty the bag and it will be bloody that is normal after the TUR. But I suggest he get back over to Hospital to get foley out you can do some real damage there taking out if you don't know what your doing. But still after it comes out you need to monitored on urine output to make sure the kidneys are working ok. Good Luck, Joe

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