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How do you deal with it?

6 years 3 months ago #47112 by Shepster
Stay strong and positive like you are now. Fear is a normal reaction and don't worry about it just don't let it dominate. Other than that I am more than sure you will be fine. Fingers crossed and you're in my prayers.

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6 years 3 months ago #47111 by Seadoo
Thank you all for your comments.

Treatment begins in two days, hope it goes well. :(

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6 years 3 months ago #47109 by rbmc
Only certain antibiotics should be avoided during BCG. If you do get any infection mid-way (like me), you simply stop and try to clear it up, then resume.

Don't be overly concerned, you'll get used to the 6 week fill 'em up regime, a quick procedure. I did mine early AM, then right to work. Normal side effects were no problem to deal with. More like annoying, with discomfort that day. Don't forget the disinfecting routine. Rarely did I make the 2 hr!

Check again, and good luck figuring out why they won't pay for a treatment(?)

See you back again with updates.

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6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #47074 by Alan
On #1. I am also given antibiotics as we stir up some nasty germs from cystoscopies. Thus, I would conclude it is probably good for taking the BCG also on BCG installations.

#2. I doubt vitamins would make much difference but, I am not a doctor.

#3. I realize some insurances pay differently. Perhaps a different coding can let you have it at the office. Seems like it was coded as a surgical procedure?

#4. The bladder is really a small muscle and probably gets bathed completely as it fills from the BCG according to my URO as he laughed when I asked the same (I am assuming you are voided). However, I did turn about every 15 minutes Besides, I'd get bored.

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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6 years 3 months ago #47073 by Blackrock
Codocee, See my response to Seadoo.


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6 years 3 months ago #47069 by Seadoo
Hi all,
An update and some questions :)

I'm after my second TURBT, recovery was much better than first one which is great.
Biopsy results are good (cancer didn't advance in stage or grade) but it did return in multiple locations.

My urologist recommended that I do BCG treatment this time, I read a lot about it and I know it's the right treatment to do, but I'm a "bit" scared from the procedure (the weekly insertion of the catheter) and the possible side affects :(

I scheduled my first BCG treatment for next week and I have few questions about it, I'll appreciate it very much if you can help:

1. My urologist said I should take antibiotic (Oflodex) in the day of the treatment to avoid infection. Is it standard? doesn't antibiotics decrease the affect of the treatment?

2. What do you think on taking vitamin D in parallel to the treatment? (my urologists was sceptic) - http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/news/story/index.cfm?id=3513

3. I can do the procedure in a general clinic without charge or have my urologist do it but it will cost about 200$ per session which the insurance doesn't cover - what are your thoughts? does it worth it?

4. My urologist said it's not important to change positions during the 2 hours of the treatment as the bladder is shrank and in contact with the BCG - what are your thoughts?

5. Any other advice you can give?

Thanks a lot.

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