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passed my first 3 month cystoscopy

8 years 1 month ago #43698 by Joey
That is excellent news. Here's to many more all clears. Enjoy the holiday.


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8 years 1 month ago #43688 by DougG
Yipeeeeeeeeee! That's wonderful.

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8 years 1 month ago #43685 by CatherineH
Congrats!!! What a great early holiday gift!!!!

I was really scared when I went for my first cysto thinking it would really be painful, and relieved when it wasn't. Now about ten cystos later, it's pretty routine except that first couple of moments holding my breath waiting for the doctor to give an indication of any concerns and hearing him say "looks good".

They are putting a solution in there as they are looking and then drain it out so that is probably why you feel like you're "going". I love that we are able to see inside our bladder along with the doc. The first time, I was alarmed at a little button looking thing on the monitor and asked "what's that???". He laughed and said, "it's a bubble" and pushed on my abdomen to make it move. Funny!


Best wishes... Catherine
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TURBT 1/21/10 at age 55
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Partial Cystectomy 2/25/10
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8 years 1 month ago #43684 by upnorth
OHHH Man! How well I remeber how it felt to hear that first "All Clear". :silly:

Congradulations by the way. And...Yes... The three month scoping is a very big deal.
If the cancer is real agressive. It usually shows its ugly head right away.

The cystoscope checks seem to get easier the more you do them. {Or we just learn how to deal with them better} I always ask my doctor to turn on the BCTV (Bladder Cancer T.V.)so I can see that it is clear for my-self. It just gives me more peace of mind.

Keep up the good work!


Age 55
Diagnosed BC 12/20/2011 Ta No Mo 0a Non-Invasive At age 48
"Please don't cry because it is over..... Smile because it happened!" {Dr. Seuss} :)

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8 years 1 month ago #43680 by jswim789
Turned out it was my urologist's birthday today. He gave me a gift -> all clear for my first 3 month check. Nice of him, eh? I wished him a very happy birthday.

Nice to be past this one as I believe the first check is a useful prognosticator for the future.

I didn't mind the scope going in so much as the feeling that I really needed to urinate while it was in there. He's in there discussing the bladder wall with my wife and I'm thinking "enough!". But hey, it wasn't that bad and it's great to get the clear sign. And I want him to take a really good look and not be too quick.

It's kind of odd to be looking right at the screen along with the urologist. And the range of that camera is impressive. He was able to look right back along the stem of the scope at the bladder entrance. He kind of hides the scope before the procedure, but sooner or later I want to have a good luck at it. Lots of chances in the future...

Happy Holidays to all!

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