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bladder polyps?

10 years 6 months ago #29449 by wsilberstein
I can't quote you any numbers, but bladder polyps do happen. My father had one. As a result he had an annual cystoscopy. When he developed dementia, I insisted on seeing the biopsy since we didn't think he could handle a cystoscopy, and indeed it was a benign polyp.
Based on his treatment, obviously his urologist felt he was at risk for recurrence and progression. One could also argue that, since I had no risk factors for BLC, my father's polyp was my genetic risk... although my identical twin has not had any BLC or polyps. My one regret is that I never asked either of my parents what symptoms Dad had that led to the diagnosis. Back when he was diagnosed they didn't have flexible cystoscopes.
So yes, benign bladder polyps exist, but... on what basis does the doctor think that's the more likely diagnosis than BLC?

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10 years 6 months ago #29448 by pemquid
How common are benign "bladder polyps"? I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that most so-called polyps are actually low grade cancer. I'm asking because my husband has hematuria (never had it before), went to our primary care doc yesterday, and is in process of being diagnosed. He did have white cells in urine (indicating possible infection), and a culture is being done. Doc said that normally she would give antibiotics before waiting for culture results, but my husband is on coumadin (blood thinner) so they try to avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. She told him she'd send him for CT scan if culture does not indicate infection, and she also told him that he very likely could have polyps, not cancer. She also wants to check his kidneys by doing the CT.

I just hope we don't turn into a bladder cancer couple!


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