Exercise and PAIN

11 years 9 months ago #28172 by Bill Jr
Exercise and PAIN was created by Bill Jr
:S Anyone get prostate/bladder pain after exercise? Went to the Mtn's today to do a 7+ mile hike while Geocaching. There was a 2000-ft change in evevation, etc, rugged. At about 1 1/2 hrs I felt like I had just had a BCG treatment. Burning pain, extreme pain during voiding and I had to pee (dribble) every 30-min. The other 3 folks woundered if I was going to make it back down the Mtn, but I fought it and here I am. Burning has subsided a little, but voiding is PAINFUL. No blood, yet:woohoo: This is the 2nd such occurance after heavy exercise. I am an OUTDOORS person and LOVE the Mtns, only death will stop me from going up there:silly:

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11 years 9 months ago #28173 by mmc
Replied by mmc on topic Exercise and PAIN
I haven't had it but I've heard that runners sometimes get blood in the urine. I have not heard about pain at the level you describe. There could also be trace amounts of blood that wouldn't show up so you might want to hold off on the happy dance for not having blood until they do a urine check. (Not to be a party pooper or anything).

I wouldn't panic but I would suggest calling your uro.
Hiking shouldn't do that to you.


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11 years 9 months ago #28182 by GKLINE
Replied by GKLINE on topic Exercise and PAIN
I have had a big month of physical therapy to get back in the game after hip replacment and have not had one twinge of bladder related pain or uro problem. I guess it would be time to call your uro as this is unusual.

I am with you though. I would NOT give up anything to this disease. Get it checked out!
Good luck.

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