2 years later, a positive lymph node

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I was just returning to this page when I noticed this post about lymph nodes going hot. I remember hearing the Dr. say that they took out 50 nodes during my surgery and finding nothing. I was very satisfied at the time.

Last week I had a friend who JUST had RC tell me they took about 50 form him and found "irregularities" in 3. They also said the testing has gotten much better in the past few years too.

So maybe the testing, when we had our surgery, was imperfect and these Rogue cells were just waiting. You responded well to chemo last time...... Why not this time? Keep your chin up and work through this. You sound as though you have a lot to live for.

I have harbored this very thought for years. Glad you caught it quick.
Our thoughts are with you.


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Hi Catherine -

I was offered a partial cystectomy after stage 2 muscle invasive BC because the chemo trial I was in apparently verrrry effective - for a time. There was no evidence of the cancer after the chemo, so the decision was made to just take out the scar tissue basically and about 25 lymph nodes. All was clear up until the last check up. I was FLOORED. And extremely annoyed. I thought I was done with this. I am glad I was able to keep my bladder. I travel often and my main concern was not being able to throw my bag in the overhead bin. Shallow, huh?

I live in Miami and have been going to Sloan Kettering in NYC. I may try to do the next round of chemo or treatment in Miami -- I am not sure I can face 4 months of winter.

Thanks for your kind response -


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Hello Douglas... I'm sorry to hear of this recent development with your lymph node. I can only imagine how worried this makes you because it is a something we never want to hear... EVER! The fact that you have been taking care of yourself will work in your favor whether you go through more chemo, or surgery, because your body will be strong. You can't blame yourself in any way... those cells have probably been lying dormant since your initial diagnosis.

When I reread your early posts, you were headed for a possible neobladder but I see here that they did a partial cystectomy. That always grabs my attention because aside from myself, I've only ever seen a couple of people here who have had that procedure. If you don't mind sharing, what type of bc/tumor were you originally diagnosed with?

I'm sure this weekend can't pass fast enough so you can hear from the oncologist soon. I wish I had some sage advice for you to make the waiting easier. Please let us know how it goes after you speak to him.

Best wishes... Catherine

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2 years later, a positive lymph node was created by Douglas
Hello -

51 year old male.

2 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 BC - slightly muscle invasive. Chemo with gemzar, cisplatin and sutent, partial cystectomy a few months later. No evidence of BC for almost 2 years. It was a really optimal result. A few weeks ago, at a six month check up, a lymph node lit up. A biopsy showed that it tested positve for BC. So.... now what? I am waiting for the weekend to end and hopefully get a call from the oncologist to see what the plan is. I have been taking INCREDIBLE care of my self for 2 years, working out and eating kale and brown rice and spinach. I feel great, and now assume that I will have to go through chemo again. (in the fall - with the leaves falling off the trees - so depressing!)

Not really complaining - just hoping to get some info. Thoughts, helpful hints, similar experiences, etc. I find it very hard to get some helpful info online.For example, if someone had a similar experience, what length and course of chemo was done? In the past I went to another town, because my insurance was not that great near where I live....


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