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First off I sorry your are here. I am wondering if you asked your sibling about the pathology report? That is where that information is found. If they haven't received the report yet they should ask their Urologist
for a copy of it.

They are sometimes hard to read, but in the tool bar above you will find additional information on grading under the Help tab. This will help you understand what the report is saying. They should ask their Uro if they have any questions about this or any other subjects along the way.

They maybe waiting until they see how well the Chemo will work on shrinking the tumor before they can make a assessment on long term care.

Welcome,and it's good to see another caregiver on the site. You guys are the ones that keep us going.

God Bless.


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I have a male sibling diagnosed with Bladder Cancer that has metasized to his spine. He had his first consult today and I was a litle surprised. perhaps it is my fault, but I was expecting more information. Basically, he was given a 3-4 month plan of action including radiation for the spine and then chemo with GemZar. However, there was little said beyond that.

The doctor basically read the various reports from the tests taken. I'm surprised to come on here and find that people know their T? or G? because that was not mentioned today at all. We don't have a clue what grade or anything. Nothing was mentioned of what to expect after the 3-4 month plan.

I guess I'm wondering if this is standard procedure, even at some facilities? I mean, I started thinking that perhaps it is common place to NOT get into all those details and just take things as they come. Nothing was mentioned about expectency or success rate or anything. From what I have read online, metasized bladder cancer does not have a good prognosis for the long term.

Thanks in advance...

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