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I know that Mark speeks the truth. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer during a routine annual checkup. Things were going along fine until the urine sample they routinely take for diabetes testing was shown to have small amounts of blood in it.
Next day .... Ultrasound
Day after ... Dr. Called and had already made an appointment with a urologist
3rd Day .... Cystoscope .... Cancer on the TV
Following week ...... TURB

The Dr. took no chances and were Super Agressive. I was in for a second TURB and lymph node check and finally a full Radcal Cystectomy ..... All within 3 months!
I have only now,After 3 years cancer free, been allowed to move into the 6 month checkup club. I would not miss a check up..... Ever!

Good Luck my friend. We're pullin' for you


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Don, Welcome. That's the worst part about BC. Sometimes it has no sign or symptoms, then all of a sudden you go in to have something checked and BAM, its going every where.

Its sounds like you've been through hell the last 6 months. I'm glad your feeling okay now. But that's another thing about BC, no one can see cancer. And as for yourself you feel pretty good also. Don't let this fool you. Keep on it. Don't let any work, or check ups slip by. That just what this sickness waits for.

I hope that the treatments start to take hold of the tumor, and bring its sizes down soon. We will be praying for you.

Hang in there, and never quit fighting.


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Diagnosed BC 12/20/2011 Ta No Mo 0a Non-Invasive At age 48
"Please don't cry because it is over..... Smile because it happened!" {Dr. Seuss} :)

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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have had a rough 5 months. Glad you are feeling okay, just tired. Have you had a 2nd opinion?


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I first went to a Dr in November because I was going to bathroom too often. After some tests they sent me to hosiptal. It was Bladder Cancer and the hospital had no idea what to do. They did a scope and it caused terrible bladder spasms. Got a bit Stable and went to University of Michigan. They knew what was going on, Blader cancer spread to prostrate. Kidneys were also shutting down. They put nef tubes in my kidneys, i went ito septic shock on table but they delt with that. Got me stable and started radiation and chemo as the tumer was too big to operate.
After 6 weeks of radiation, and 3 rounds of Chemo the ct scan shows no change in size of tumer anf 2 lymp nodes with spots. Back to chemo this Monday. This is said to be a rare form and not friendly with treatment.
I feel ok, just tired. Not working because of this but getting out some. The Hospital is 1 hour away and put lots of miles on the car going there. Wish I could get rid of nef tubes but cancer is pinching off uters.
Hope the treatments start working. It was advanced wheen we found it, I had no blood in urine, no other symptoms except going too often.
I am 55 and in good shape, was very active, never smoked. No other cancer of this type in my family.

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