What I have been doing to coup with BCG treatment

1 month 3 weeks ago #61913 by Alan
Moffit has a great reputation and getting a second opinion was a good move. As your 1st URO said, your type is a nasty one so stay vigilant.

DX 5/6/2008 TAG3 papillary tumor .5 CM in size. 2 TURBS followed by 6 instillations of BCG weekly with a second round of 6 after a 6 week wait.

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1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #61912 by runner1256
What I have been doing to coup with BCG Treatment

Here a little history on my bladder cancer.  In April 2022 I had a TURBT surgery. I was diagnosed with a small 1.2 cm tumor non-muscle Invasive Squamous cell carcinoma a very rare variant. After my first doctor conference all seem lost. His advice to me was to have a cystectomy of bladder because this variant does not work well with chemo and highly rate of recurrence. He told me there not a lot of research on it.  After talking with him and having a second scoping with negative recurrence. I decided to get a second opinion since my tumor and cancer was removed during my TURBT surgery.  I ask myself why would I have something removed when they got it all out? There was no sign of anything coming back yet.  He still advised me I should have my bladder removed. I decided to get a second opinion at the Moffitt Cancer center where I was informed it was way too early to have me undergo cystectomy bladder surgery and should go thru BCG treatment. 

So far I went thru 12 BCG  treatment without any side effects  My last three BGG treatments were better than the first nine for me so far. 

Here are a few things  I have done dealing  with my BCG  treatment and side effects.

First I drink a lot of water right after treatment. I normally have about 5 to 6 bottles of water during first two hours after my BCG treatment. I tried the flush my bladder out fast. Then I usually drink about 2 more bottles of water after that. During the first 6 hour period after BCG I usually drinks 8 bottles of water.  Once I finish with my first 6 hour period after BCG treatment I take a slow walk.

Second  I incorporated more physical activities and started adding exercise into my daily routine to help me tolerate the BCG treatment better.  The night after BCG treatment I usually walk about 2 miles at a much slower walking pace. I don't over due it. I also continue to drink a lot of water.  I have noticed I had less side effects  by walking after my BCG treatment. The next day after my BCG treatment I start back walking my daily routine of 5 miles a day which I do for 6 days a week.  

When I first started exercising it wasn't easy.  I was much older and overweight  but I knew I was ready for challenge. It did take some time for me  increase both my mileage and walking pace over the last year. I first started with one mile walking per day to 5 miles. Over the last year I have increased my walking speed. I went from 18 minutes per mile to 14 minutes per mile walking pace.
Walking help me maintain a healthy body weight. I have lost over 30 pounds of weight and I am now back to my normal weight. 

It's now been over a year and three months cancer free.  My doctor has been impressed with my treatment so far.  As a patient I feel we need to stay positive and use all means in fighting this cancer. 

So I encourage everyone not to let this cancer get you down. Have faith and  create a plan . My plan has worked for me so far. I am planning on staying positive Remember life is too good not to enjoy it. Put your faith in God and everything will be ok.  

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