What is the incontenence rate for neobladder

5 years 4 months ago #55931 by FarRed
I just got back from an appt with my doctor for an annual followup for bladder cancer (I'm eight years cancer free). He quoted a rate of only 20 percent of neo bladder patients having nighttime incontinence problems. Eighty percent make it thru the night? I void before going to bed and wake midway to void again, but still have problems. I was was nearly continent three years ago, but took a marked change for the worse. This coincided with a colonoscopy. Maybe the doctor had fun while I was out and re-arranged things.

Can anyone corroborate the statistic?

Age: 50
Bladder cancer diagnosed Mar, 2010.
Robotic assisted laproscopic cystoprostatectomy with Studer neo-bladder, 2010.
UMC Tucson

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