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cystectomy nerves are getting to me.

17 years 5 months ago #566 by pink
:'( I have been waiting for a cystectomy for four years now.
I was given a date, and now it has been put back to september.
It is bad enough knowing that I am having major surgery,but to have the operation put back another 6 weeks is really making me nervous.
I still do not have a answer as to whether I will need a Hysterectomy aswell.The surgeon who was doing the operation,will be on maternity leave and I have to have another surgeon do it.I have never met this surgeon.I do not know this man,(I was used to my lady surgeon)and I do not know what his plans are right now.
The hospital made me a appointment to see a stoma nurse for two weeks before the surgery.But no appointment to see the man surgeon.And the hospital have told me that I will not see him until the day I have the operation done.
I have so many questions to ask him and things to plan.
Things like family and pets and travel home etc.

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