Husband has been having problems since Bladder cancer diagnosis

5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #55800 by hollywd51
Hello, it's been a long time since I've been on this forum since my husband's bladder cancer diagnosis. But here's a recap. My husband was diagnose with bladder cancer in January 2016. Before that, he hid the fact that he was bleeding for 7 years. I only discovered something was wrong with him when noticing the pain he was carrying and finally getting him to the doctor. So it has been 3 years since his diagnosis, and he receives rounds of BCG treatments. Last year, they did notice a small tumor, and he had to continue his Bcg treatments again where he was going every 3 months. After that, he went in for a Turbt and Dr. notice some redness, or inflammation and told him not to worry and that he can continue his treatments. But the problem I've notice in him is that he's been going to the bathroom an awful lot throughout the day. He said he has to sit down on the toilet seat every time because it takes long for the flow to start at the same time its also painful for him when he does pee. Sometimes he doesn't pee at all, but he has that feeling he needs to go. Also when he does #2 its just diarrhea. This has been a daily thing an all day thing for him. He has brought this to his doctor's attention and they checked his PSA and urine and everything came back normal. He gave him pills for the pain he has with it but it doesn't help him. So in the meantime he has to go through this still. Does anyone have any insight on this? Has anyone else experience something like this before?


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