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Update Starting to think I will be OK was created by Pineapplekid
2 months after the RC and 11 days in Queens Hospital I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.
I am just starting to feel good and have got over most of the depression, food is starting to taste good again, getting used to the little bags and being connected to the tube at night, gained about 8lbs back of the 40lbs I lost.
So now I will start Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment on the 24th of April for a 5 week session (chemo each Monday and radiation every week day ) Oncologist told me I am cancer free and this is just an insurance policy
to make darn sure it is all gone .
First Chemo drug they were going to give me (Cisplatin) didn't cause hair loss but could cause Hearing loss and I already have noise related hearing loss so now I will get Taxol and may loose my hair? However hair can grow back and I can't do with any more hearing loss.
The Doctors have given me a bunch of prescriptions for anti nausea meds and Hawaii is a Medical pot State so some Pot brownies will be available also.
I am not looking foreword to the session but the Urologist's tell me by end of August I will be able to do anything I could do before the Cancer except contact sports which at 74 years old won't bother me much.
Aloha from Kauai

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