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home, sweet home

9 years 5 months ago #36107 by clueless
Hi, this is a continuation of this thread: http://www.bladdercancersupport.org/su/forum/6-men-and-bladder-cancer/34926-robotic-laproscopic-surgery

So, after 5 weeks in the hospital we are finally home.

We brought with us a wound vac machine George is attached to, oxygen and of course our baggie.

George is extremely weak. He ended up getting despondent in the hospital and started refusing to walk, sit up in a chair etc.

We just came home last night, but already there is a marked difference.

He slept on his side in bed - allowing his poor sore back to finally get rid of the pressure.

He is sitting up in a chair now and will be all day.

He walked from the bed into the livingroom to sit down and it went quite well.

He asked to go to the bathroom and we walked there without issues - was a false alarm tho lol. He does have bowel movements but is wearing a diaper. Just to ask and go there tho is a great improvement.

So far at home he has moved more in one day than in a week in the hospital, and of his own volition.

Eating is an issue, he has no appetite. I am making him drink 3 bottles of insure today, something he also refused in the hospital. Plus 3 glasses of gatorade with a fiber supplement added.

Tomorrow we start small meals...

I think at some point the hospital becomes more of a hindrance to recovery than a help. Physical issues of course need to be ironed out first, but recovery such as gaining strength etc seems to be much better done at home. At home he feels happier, and he has habits he wants to pick up again, and his whole attitude went from being despondent to trying to get back to normal.

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