I am now a bag person and no regrets only anger

16 years 11 months ago #2984 by Mike
Lots of luck to you, Bearbait.

From the date on your first post it has been awhile since your surgery. I hope all is going well for you. You sure had alot thrown at you all at once. While it was hard to see, you had some luck going for you that it didn't stray outside the bladder or into the lymp nodes. My husband"s RC was October 12 and he started chemo last week. He was working out with a trainer 5 weeks after surgery and he is 74. I hope your recovery is going smoothly.


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16 years 11 months ago #2983 by timb
But the good news is, it's unlikey you would have lost your bladder if it didn't have a pretty good chance of sorting your bladder cancer out! I see from your info you're 79. You must be pretty strong to have got through this op. I've had same op but with neobladder at 43 and it wiped me! I know a man here in UK of 76 who had your op and he's really doing great now 2 months later. Best of luck to you. Hopefully you can get on with your life now.

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16 years 11 months ago #2982 by bearbait
On the 2nd of Nov. went to dr. for check-up had blood in urine. The doc said I
tested positive for cancer and wanted to see inside of bladder. That was at ten
in the morning at one he ran a t.v. cam thru my penis and there it was.
It was blocking my left kidney and big. The dr. had me look. At four I had a
C-scan. We watched the vido on computor. The doctor said he needed a bio.
On the 3rd I had the bio. Had a cath to relive the presure from my bladder.
My left kidney was killing me. Doctor said that was good news, I asked him if
he heard me right. He said that meant it was working, I had drainage tub stuck
in my kidney. Doctor was right. That was on the 6th the Doctor ran more test
bone scan organ sonic grams x-rays. On the 9th told me good news and bad news
Good news was that the cancer hadn't spread to other parts of my body and that
my other organs looked very good. Bad news the cancer was now in the fat
linning of the bladder and could get to the outside soon. My rc was schedualed
for the 12th. Boy was things moving fast and my head was swimming.
Three days and I'm going to lose my bladder and what ever else or I could
die. No garenties that I would not have the darn thing agin. What a harrowable
way to die. Slow and painful, the pity party had begun.
more tomarrow this is hard and can't think or spell

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