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Welcome. There are several types of neobladders. Neobladder means new bladder so all diversions can be called that by definition. Here are some links that will help you educate yourself.

This is a very good piece talking about the various types of diversions. Keep in mind not all can done for everyone. That will be up to you, your doctor and your situation.


This is a sign up for a list server of over 500 bladder cancer survivors there you will find many that have had all kinds of diversions.


for the newly diagnosed


Also the Bladder Cancer Advococy Network has good information and has a link for a twice weekly online support chat.


I hope this helps.

Chin up and striaght forward


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a new bladder was created by star
Does anyone know of or had "reconstructive bladder surgery"? artificial bladder concept? not sure about it yet Dr said something to my hubby.

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