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Update on Dad's Bladder Cancer.

12 years 4 months ago #13418 by cathy
Thankyou both for your replies and support,
joeburg: I think you have totally hit the nail on the head in reference to the way men tend to deal with things, in a sense he was pleased the original r/c was called off, a chance to hang on to his bladder, us girls being mum, my sister & myself were like just get rid of the thing it has been nothing but trouble for years, now they have tried with little result to save the bladder, awaiting path results & discussion with surgeons this week coming, will know more then.

Joe: I totally agree with you on the second opinion, but this I think has been the problem so to speak, here in Australia if you are a public patient you are treated by specialist dr's but sometimes you don’t get to choose the particular dr that will operate, Dad has seen & spoken to a number of specialist over the past year, with one group of dr's agreeing back in aug (I think) that the bladder needs to go, unfortunally on the day of the surgery a visiting specialist from the uk was scheduled to do the op, he decided, hang on we may be able to save this bladder, lets try. Well now after finding more tumors yet again they are finally all on the same page & are all going to get together to discuss dads case, so sometimes "to many cooks spoil the broth" if you get my drift.

Hoping next week gives us some direction, Mum asked them if you are doing the r/c you wont call it off again will you? they said NO if that is what needs to be done it will be done,

Thanks again for taking the time to read this,



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12 years 4 months ago #13407 by fearandfight
Well Cathy what are these Dr's doing here.I had that surgery and I know that prep for that surgery is enough in itself. Then to come back and say we are not doing we are going to do bi-op and bcg first. And now talking about doing the RC again. Your Dad is always entitled to a second opinion here I don't like the sounds of this back and forth stuff especially when it comes down to the patients expense this being your Dad. I wish you luck but you can always take that Path Report and get a second opinion as I mentioned. Good Luck, Joe ;)

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12 years 4 months ago #13406 by joeburg55
Im sorry that the tumor has grown. Whenever i read posts from other family members i think of how my Daughter felt when i tried to exsplain it to her, she was 13 at the time. Well being from strong stock, like yourself im sure, The next week she brings me home from school, homework. Guess what it was on, Thats Right, Cancer and cells.Lots of Disscussion after that. Be strong for your Dad, Belive me he does appriciate it.Please continue to support him because us Dads dont always say what we feel. And hopefully the RC will take care of it,once and for all.

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12 years 4 months ago #13363 by cathy
Hi All, sorry I havent been around for some time, well Dad went in yesterday to have his cysto & bi-op following the bcg course he finished in Nov, as some of you would know, my dad has been battling bladder cancer for 17 or 18 years, with numerous re accurances (sp) he was scheduled for rc a few months back, was prepared for surgery, had bowel prep day before, only to turn up on the day of surgery to be told that they changed there mind & wanted to do a bi-op & try bcg first, well guess what this has failed, there is more tumor, they are waiting on path results & tests & scans & will more than likely be doing r/c sooner rather than later.
Feeling very down right now, If you would like to read my story board post for more info that would be great, till next time,

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