Diet after cystectomy

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My Dad had his neobladder surgery on the 17th of July. he did great during surgery. He ate liquid diet for one day in the hospital and then they started him on a soft mechanical diet the day after. Then he went home.
He didn't have an appetite. Liquid and food was an effort as he was not hungry and felt nauseus after eating. My mom called the nurse a few times and they said to eat small meals and to make sure he drank enough. Well, drinking made him nauseus and he couldn't eat or drink anything much or he would fill up.
Two weeks of this he had a blood test and was found to have a dangerously high level of potassium and was admitted to ER. They rehydrated him and got his bowels moving. Pretty much cleaned him out and got those fluids in him. It was a long couple of days, but he got his appetite back and has been doing good ever since.
He had been sent home with a prescription for Colace, but didn't take it because he was having loose stools. We now believe he should have been taking the Colace right away to get his intestines moving.
During the hard two weeks with not much eating or drinking I found a website that lists foods to eat and to not eat post-op intestinal resection with diarrhea. Maybe this can help others. Here is the link:

My Dad is now working on plugging the suprapubic catheter and increasing urine flow via his penis and enlarging the neobladder. Things are progressing and I have found information on the web to help out. How is your husband progressing in this area? I would love to hear any information that might help my Dad keep dry and increase the penis urine discharge.

Glad your husband is doing better!

Karen E - California

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17 years 3 months ago #1084 by greekspirit
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Thank you guys! It sure helps to hear from someone who's been there before. Today is the 12th day since the operation and I can tell all is going to be fine. Jim slept well last night and today he had potato soup with two crackers, alright!

Your replys are like a sunshine in the middle of a stormy day, thank you again beautiful people and may you all be filled with Love Peace and Health.

To Fail Is To Give Up.


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17 years 3 months ago #1083 by Knut
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I had the same surgery some two years ago, and it took some time before it adjusted. Remember that they have cut his colon in two and sewed it together. All of his stommack is taken out while operating. I had also some problems keeping on the food the first weeks. Eventually, I keep to much of the food because I have gained weight. I wish your husband a speedy recovery and knows exactly what he's going through.

Diagnozed first time April 1th 2004.
Muscle invasive, T3A.
Radical Cystectomy June 29th 2004.
Illeal conduit. Bag on my stommack.

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17 years 3 months ago #1080 by wendy
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It's probably too soon to tell if this is a real problem or not, it could take a week, 2 wks to see if things are going to work themselves out but you really need to be asking these questions to your doctor. That said, many people have problems eating for the first couple of weeks after such a radical surgery to have it clear up on its own.

I hope it gets better soon.

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17 years 3 months ago #1074 by greekspirit
Diet after cystectomy was created by greekspirit
Greeting and Hugs to all.

I have a question about cystectomy and how to make it through the diet part. My husband had his bladder and prostate removed while part of his colon was used to create a new bladder. He was operated on August 2nd, and on the 8th, he came home. He is doing well but our main concern is that he can't keep food in his stomach. Other than ice cream and cheerios his stomach seems to reject the food. Is this a "normal" phase of the operation or a preview of the future?

If you've been on this hard path and want to share some light with us it will be much appreciated.

May The Force Be With Us All  :-/

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