How is a post organized for reading??

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You are not doing any wrong. The software used to create/maintain Forum posts displays them from most recent to oldest. If there is more than one page of posts within a thread, an icon showing the number of pages will appear at the bottom of each page. Page navigation icons, Start, Prev, Next, and End will also be displayed if there are multiple pages associated with a thread.

Selecting "End" will take you to the last page in the thread where the initial post will appear at the bottom of the page.

Thank you.

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I do have some experience reading and using various forums related to other topics. Typically they are on the Pbase format.
These use the basic post structure where the initial poster's "Topic" is, and remains the first post in the thread of posts.
In other words, when one goes to a posted topic, that topic is the very first post in the thread.
Then, from there on out you can read the entire thread in succession.
However, in these forums, when I click on a topic like, "VERY CONFUSED...BLADDER MASS FOUND INCIDENTALLY" it does not take me to the first post (thread starter) but instead takes me to someone's comment.
Should not the first page, be the first post?
What am I doing wrong?
Is it me?
Thank you for the help!
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