Reducing the risk of bladder cancer coming back

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Reducing the risk of bladder cancer coming back
People who have had one bladder cancer are at risk for having a new cancer in the
urinary tract (the bladder, lining of the kidneys, ureters, and urethra). Studies are being
done to see if certain foods, vitamins (such as vitamin E), minerals (such as selenium),
supplements (such as green tea extract and broccoli sprout extract), or drugs could reduce
the risk of cancer coming back or getting a second cancer. Researchers are also looking
for newer types of vaccines to help lower the risk of a second cancer

thats an excerpt from another page.

What i am doing is just that, a change of diet, after much googling have zeroed in on the following.

1] I dont smoke or work where there are any chemicals, [former work in factories is where my cancer was born]

2] I also have border line high blood pressure and need to lose 30 pounds am at 250 pounds, also have restless leg syndrome and chronic leg cramps. so have eliminated sugar products such as fruit juice 30%, and processed products as much as possible, also salt reduction.

3] LOTS of fluids, green tea combos, coffee, Yerba mate, any tea combo, water, MILK, Butter milk, a lil beer, i have a coffee maker by my desk and at work, and as many as 4 types of coffee and 20 types of tea blends.

4] Vitamins in fluids. I CREATED the following concoction: Blend 4 cups of raw honey, 2 cups of black strap Molasses, 2 cups of Apple cider vinegar, 5 heaped TBS of Turmeric, 5 heaped Tbs of Cayenne pepper, put in squirt bottles, and a few times a day take a squirt shake good as the Turmeric and Cayenne will settle.

5] Multivitamins and walking.

Feb 1st 2016 TUR grade 2, removed were 2 tumors and many tiny nodes, the 2 large ones were 3.5cm
BCG maintenance in progress

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