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My 71 yr old father had a TURB last Monday. His prostate was also enlarged and they removed a small portion of the prostate (non-cancerous). The surgeon told us surgery went well and we need to wait for the pathology reports but not to worry to much. He had one 5cm tumour and 2 smaller tumours. He is a healthy active person and seemed to be relatively ok immediately after the surgery.

The problem he has severe lower back pain near his kidneys and is absolutely exhausted and wants to sleep all the time. We took him back to the hospital yesterday, the surgeon saw him - ran an ultrasound and a CT Scan and sent him home. Is it normal to have this kind of recovery after a TURB? He has had kidney stones in the past and his symptons remind me of someone with a kidney stone. Is this kind of behaviour normal after TURB surgery? What should be expected?

Any experience sharing appreciated.

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Your dad could have a kidney infection. Ask the surgeon or your GP to check the urine including a urine culture ASAP.
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