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good results

13 years 6 months ago #6467 by joeburg55
total 37 Rad treatments, still some burning sensations during voiding, Inconsitance slowly going away, otherwise not to many siedeffects, Keeping my finger crossed, has been 2 weeks sience last Rad, Joeburg55

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13 years 6 months ago #6114 by Patricia
No Gemzar?...let me know how you feel after 22 more rads..........Pat

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13 years 6 months ago #6008 by joeburg55
Just for those who wish to try and keep their bladder as long a s possible, this is my story. I am 51 years old, In oct od 2006 i noiticed blood and clots in my urin, went to see a uroligist, had a scope done, was told it was a swollen prostate, 3 weeks later same signs returned,was told it was my prostate, 2 weeks later , saw same Dr, This time , lets do a cat scan for the secound time, This time, it was something was in there, Went in for Turb, Found 1 inch tumor, Grade 3 T2, N0M0. Well, so my choice, Chemo and Radiation, 22 Rads later and sets of 217 mill of cisplatin, went in for scope, No sign of cancer, healed well, 5 biopsy areas, nuttin. I am finishing off my last set of chemo and 14 sets of radiation, Will be rechecked in Oct, 1 year later to the date. My thoughts, Never quit, keep everything god gave ya as long as youy can, Stay focused and dont take imp-ossible as an answer. We are a lot tougher than you may think JOEBURG55

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