New to the Forum but not new to bladder cancer

2 months 2 weeks ago #62074 by BarbaraJH1
I was first diagnosed with bladder cancer at Johns Hopkins in 2012 (my local doc in South Carolina "didn't think I had cancer" but I'm a big believer in second opinions). Had a great doc at Hopkins. I was lucky. 

It came back in 2014, but by then I had moved to Tennessee, and a doc at Vanderbilt took care of it (another great doc). 

I've moved a lot. Now a doc at Moffitt (Tampa) says I can watch and wait or go to the OR next month! He did not talk about staging. I saw the screen, and it looked like a white substance around the edges of the bladder, rather than a small black tumor. I need to get more information, so I am doing research in every way I can think of. Meanwhile I'm thinking of getting on a plane to Hopkins or the Cleveland Clinic. I have some trust issues and need to get information! 

Thank you for listening! 

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