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So I was diagnosed late last year.  Had a TURBT early in January which revealed papillary urothelial carcinoma, 1.8cm, high grade. 

My doctor has me on a schedule of vigilance - back to his office for a scope every 3 months or so.  I’ve learned that high grade cancer is very likely to come back and is more prone to spread. No BCG yet (supply chain issues, so there’s that) just a watch and remove protocol.  I’m very good with that.

My concern is quality of life. I can see more TURBTs in my future. Recovery from this one was hard. I’m in very good health otherwise. I’m 64, semi-retired, no chronic disease, BP great, EKG great, no daily meds, never smoked, weight just a few pounds higher than when I was a kid.

After the TURBT I struggled with the restrictions on activity. No pain, a week or so of bleeding, but I had extreme adrenal fatigue. Mentally struggling with the quality of life concerns of having more procedures and dealing with 4+ weeks of recovery every time.

Does recovery from a TURBT get any easier?

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