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bladder cancer journey

1 year 1 month ago #58666 by tdwalress
My journey with Bladder Cancer started in 2015 when I refused to have a CT for personal reasons. Cut to May 2019 and my doctor, a urologist, scoped me and showed me I had a six cm long tumor in my bladder coming out of a diverticulum, pouch on my bladder, and I was bleeding regularly as well as passing blood clots. I had a day operation to remove the tumor. The doctor could only get half as he could not get the tumor out of my diverticulum. At the beginning of June 2019, I started Chemo treatment. Six treatments later my Oncologists stops the treatments. Chemo is not working, all it has done was give me Neuropathy, loss of weight (20 lbs), and a weakened muscle state and cancer had grown and spread to my lymph nodes. A month later, in the middle of August, I was placed on Immunotherapy. Less than a month later I had a Pet scan and results showed that my cancer was disappearing in my lymph nodes. I continued therapy and four weeks later had a CT. The results were cancer had completely disappeared from my lymph nodes. I am now waiting for my urologist to give me an operation date in December. He wants to do a radical cystectomy.
I would like to hear from patients who have had a radical cystectomy and how they are handling the different aspects of life now. Let me know. Thanks Terry

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