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Sexual transmission of BCG

1 year 2 months ago #58080 by christine1047
I have read all of the information that is available regarding condom use but I wanted to know if this is a theoretical risk or whether there is any evidence demonstrating that the ejaculate does in fact contain live bacteria and what evidence there is of sexual transmission and harm being caused as a result. I can find absolutely no evidence of any incidence of vaginal infection with BCG or any evidence of sexual transmission.

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1 year 2 months ago #58079 by sara.anne
Here is the complete information from the producer of BCG


Note the information in the very last paragraph

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1 year 2 months ago #58077 by christine1047
My husband is having BCG infusions and has been advised that he should not have unprotected sexual intercourse for a week after each infusion. I understand that the BCG is a live bacterial infusion but that it was probably cleared from the bladder within 48 hours. I recognise that the seminal vesicles could potentially be infected but would assume this risk is quite small as I can find no evidence of it in the literature. My query therefore is why the prohibition of unprotected sex? Again I can find no report in the literature of vaginal infection transmitted by sex, or indeed in female patients receiving BCG infusions as a result of contamination, which must occur because of the close proximity of urethra and vagina. As a woman past child bearing years and having had a hysterectomy I doubt that the risk of infection and prohibition of unprotected sex is a anything more than a médico legal recommendation which puts a distance between my husband and myself at a time when closeness and intimacy would be beneficial in coping with the stress of a cancer diagnosis and unpleasant interventions and treatment.
Am I wrong and if so what is the evidence of cross infection, and if it occurs what are the symptoms.

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