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Bladder cancer

1 year 6 months ago #57194 by sara.anne
Hi Ange, and welcome!

I will try to give you a brief "outline" of what goes next...you probably know all this already from reading other posts on the Forum.

First, you really won't know anything until the pathology report comes back. IF your situation is low-grade, non-invasive transitional cell carcinoma and it has not spread beyond the bladder lining, your most likely recommendation will be for cystoscopy exams every three months for about two years, every six months until 5 years have passed, and then annually forever. The reason for the constant monitoring/exams is that bladder cancer of this type has a very nasty little habit of coming back!

If you do have bladder cancer that is transitional cell carcinoma but high grade, which still has not spread beyond the bladder lining, your urologist will probably recommend a series of BCG treatments. (I won't go into all the detail about these now, since you may not need them...there is a LOT about BCG on this Forum if you are curious.) Following that you would have the same constant monitoring noted above.

IF the cancer has spread beyond the bladder lining, your urologist will have multiple options to discuss with you, including consultation with an oncologist.

Another possibility is that there are still questions after the results from your TURB are in. It is not unusual for the urologist to do a second TURB to be sure of the diagnosis if there are such questions.

Please remember that in most cases bladder cancer is very treatable....many of us have been where you are and are doing great with no signs of cancer.

Sara Anne

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1 year 6 months ago #57185 by Ange
Hello. I am new. I am a 65 year old female. I had blood in my urine, went to family doctor, which sent me to urologist. Found out I had tumors, and lesions, and starting more. Wednesday March 27, we traveled to Cleveland Clinic, which is 5 hours away, to have them removed through surgery. They said they got it all, but we are awaiting pathology report as to how to proceed. Hopefully., they find nothing more, and just have to have Checkups. Any ideas , etc. hope to hear from you people.

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